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tv   Comunidad del Valle  NBC  July 27, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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well, she knows with the mexican cuisine, she was a broadway dancer, where she met, miguel he will and they got married in 1930. they moved to mexico, eventually, so she fell in love with the culinary as approximate pictures of the mexican culture. she was actually very good friends. and she threw big parties and
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therefore, i think that the love for our cooking and tradition and getting together with friends and family evoked her hispanic culture. so, that is where she got this passion from -- for the culinary aspects on of the mexican culture. >> in her exhibitions did she bring out mexican utense is? >> the uten symptom ls will be on display. and we will have a demonstration and the importance of the culture and it will be in collaboration with the u.s. forestry, it's important in our culture. >> speaking of corn, we will have the tamali festival coming up.
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what intrigues you about the exhibit. and makes it different than the one you have had before? >> the fact that it's bringing, again, the importance of the clay pottery. the -- of course, we have clay pottery that is led free, and it was not then. but we do have it now. they were made out of clay and they really bring about the fullness t favor of the food. and for -- you can cook them in a regular pot, but if you do it in a clay pot, no comparison. it's wonderful. great tasting. >> that is how my mom cooked them. i had had no idea what the big deal was when i was a kid. but now i do. >> we are bringing that tradition back in to our culture. >> what do you think the folks should go home with after the exhibition? >> the importance of the corn and the culinary a as pecks of our culture, and we as friends
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and family love to be together and it's revolving around the kitchen. and you now, with this society, we tend to eat on the go, on the run and it nice to sit at the table, have your friends and family, just really spend time together. and appreciate the beautiful culinary flavors that is the mexican culture. >> they were healthy as well. >> and it had the to do with the clay pot. >> you are right. you can log on to their website, for more information, tlts on your screen. final thoughts before i let you go. >> yes. the exhibit is free. we are open from 12 to 4, and we expect all of you to go there. we will have a demonstration of
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the corn. >> we are going to also talk about history of the chocolate and we will have a demonstration on the chocolate. >> thank you for coming on to the show.
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we are back and we are talking about the annual festival in san jose, with me on this show today is one of the organizers, welcome to the show. and we take tamalli festival, you talk about what it's supposed to be, but for the purposes of the show, it's a festival. talk about the annual event. it's a great event where we showcase the best of the best. >> a as you know, the festival has bareen around for a long ti.
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this year. we have extended it to two days, the main reason, so many families remember it, and we are trying to bring it back to life and have a lot of entertainment and a lot of great food. >> it a family fun event, again, with the music and what not. tell us about that. >> it is. it's -- i mean, you could say it's a cultural event. it's a tamale event. we are going to eat them, and learn about them and have anything and everything is going to be tamale related. we as a radio station will come in with talent and have -- they go hand in hand. we will make it fun. >> somehow, soccer has evolved
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in this. tell us about the correlation? >> there was a bit of time where there was not an e on this side of san jose in the summer. i approached the businesses about bring back some type of event. so i created the vibe. i'm a soccer coach. i have been coaching for a long time. came on the show and talked to you about a soccer program. >> that a is right. >> and so, for me, is soccer is it, it's the vibe. it gives me my vibe. and it's our community. it's soccer dominant. right? i think everyone thinks of soccer on sunday. the world cup just came. we put on a 4-v-4 tournament. and we have challenges for the kids. >> you sent a couple of logos that you wanted to put up. that are cool. again, this is, this is the reason that we have have these is not only to eat great tamales, you mentioned before. to enjoy and everything. makes us remember where we came
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from. >> exactly. you know, it's a festival. festival is about taking the entire family, taking the dog and cat can and walking through a lovely sunny day and enjoying the food and enjoying everybody else who is there. and just, you know, enjoying the music that we have live. the bands and everybody having a great time. on a sunday. saturday and sunday. >> any -- i would imagine it was not a hard sell for them to bring this back. we have a taco festival in san jose, why not the tamale festival. >> they are in different parts of our community. and it's the heart of the latino community, is in east san jose. what better place to have event. >> you know, when you eat tamales, they are not the healthy estimate food. if you make it, you have to put -- on them. that is when you have soccer.
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work a off the calories. we will have music at both locations. so, yeah, you can go to one location and eat t a amales and come across to powell and run it off. >> and dance it off too. >> the tamale festival is coming up, there's the web address. any final thoughts in case i did not mention something that you wanted to get across? >> again, it's we are coming back, we need a lot of the people in the neighborhood and everybody to come back and enjoy a great. >> you know, it seems that tles less events and this is an event to take advantage. we are kind of ending the summer. it's a fabulous way to end the summer. nice festival. nice feeling. good music. good bands and have great time with the family before the kids go back the to school.
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enjoy a good tamale and have a great time. >> we will see you on out there. ? up next, the efforts to bring the internet to the community.
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she is helping get the commune connect to the internet. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> in this day and age, we are still talking about cools not connect to the internet. how acceptable is that to you? >> totally unacceptable. it has a huge impact on the community. i don't know if you can imagine not having -- >> no. >> -- a computer and the internet, it's the technology that everyone lives by. and here we have our families, primarily low income latino families.
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ov 50% of our families are not connect to the internet. we are in the majority in california and we are the majority not connect. >> isn't is it a requirement in fourth grade? >> yes, they learn it in school and they cannot apply it at home. and lid i can't, working with the cools, she is one of the partners where we are trying to get to the parents there because it has a huge impact on the education. >> lid i can't, how difficult is that to teach but not have the tools? >> it's difficult for our students to not be able to go home and relearn a lesson that the teacher may have taught them, to go home and explore a website that would teach them of po sports and projects. so, then they go to the next day to school, they are disengaged and they loss interest in the contact democrat i cans and that
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deters a student from continuing in their education. >> how big of a role does poverty play in that? >> it's a big role. families feel they cannot talk about their ability to not purchase a computer on or have internet service that we were quite surprised on how many families showed up when the foundation was invited to say, they were not connected. and having them be connect really opens the wrld for the students for today and tomorrow's future. and i am really fortunate to have found this organization, to come in and be along side our families to show them how to acquire a home computer and connect to the internet and taught them computer literacy. how to do a web search, how to book mark a school website, so they can see the calendar of evens. they can do a translator and they can e-mail me. they can e-mail the teachers find out how the students grades
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are. it's opened and empowered our families. >> the must have. >> well, if you are lucky if she crosses your path. you can see her, sleeves are rolled up and you have been rolling them up for a long time. you provide a solution. >> absolutely. as you know, the foundation, we have been committed to the education of latinas of our community. this is how we came upon this issue. because our students would go home over the summer and we would lose contact with them because they did not have access at home. and these are college students. there's more consecutinectivity. a huge percentage of our families are not connect to the internet. when we think of the origins and history of our peoples. we invented technology. you know.
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we had the brain surgeons. we had the a astronomers. we have the magnificent, you know, ruins. and then here we are totally behind in this 21st century with the technology that everyone in the world is managing. so, and lid i can't said, sometimes people may be hesitating to admit. there's no judgment. let's get empowered. you know, it's part of the empowerment, to be part of of the world. to be part of the technology. to be able to communicate. and very specifically for the young people that lid i can't is talking about. these kid cans go to the school and everyone else has their laptops. their ipads. they go home and the parents know how to use the stuff. they help them. we are going to get more behind. it's important.
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we have to call on the companies of silicone valley. we do not receive enough support from the high tech companies. i'm calling on them right now, and saying provide kpruters. help us provide the internet access to our community. it will benefit all of us. because everyone will be able to participate. >> we will have a phone number for you to call in a few second ises to find on out more how you can get a reasonably priced computer. but this kind of handcuffs your teachers and administrators at school. because you can only do so much, you are confined to the walls of the school. >> but let's make it happen, let change the lives of our latino families. of our young students.
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empower them to be computer coders and doctors and it possible. we just need people at the schools to step up and say, that they are willing to help on out with that. >> if you want to get ahold of the foundation. tell us about the phone number. >> very porn. this is a calling center. we are par they aring with. they are very, very good. very efficient. so, if you are not connect to the internet and want to get one of the best options to connect to the internet. there's low incop, low cost options. as well as very reasonable laptops for like $50. we got a donation of tablets. so, we are going to be doing an incentive. so, for the people that start calling, today, and the you connect to the internet, we will provide a a free tablet for you. >> there's a number the on call for more information. it's an 855 number.
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make sure to call and get connect. thank you so much for what you are doing. and up next, it's the latest of the museum, it's called "imagine." stay with us.
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it a new exhibit that is called "imagine" the museum. art work here to display. welcome to the show. tell us about this exhibit now. he the museum seems to like your work. and your work is behind us here. >> yes, we are exhibiting and the exhibition is called "imagine," the theme of it is john lennon's song, "imagine," the lyrics of connecting with peep and seeing -- punishing away the idea of boundaries and divisions and focusing on on like unity. >> did they tell you, our topic
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is imagine and you to the art work or you match the title to your art work? >> i believe some of the artists had the art work finished and some of them may have made some specifically for the exhibition. >> what is it like to have your art work displayed like that some. >> i think it's aamazing, and it's an honor to participate in such a great event. especially with such a great man, john lennon. i have been an artist all of my life. and just, to reach this goal at the museum was a magnificent one for me. so i really took it as a special one for me. i mean, it's an amazing thing. you are asked to bring something out of yourself that connecting everybody in the whole planet and to really give a voes out there. and just to have that opportunity was really aamazing. >> this is your work behind elizabeth. what is it or is is it left up to our imagination? >> it's always left up to people's imagination, but it's
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basically speaking of the connection of humans, planet earth and the sun and the moon. and the universe. so it's everything is connect. one thing is off of order, everything else is getting in the balance. if everything goes in to balance. everything falls along. it's pretty much a definition of balance, chaos and order. >> it's deep. >> it is. >> do you think deeply all the time? >> constantly. yeah. constantly. as a matter of fact, the museum exhibition, i called my piece on orchestrate religion, it's supposed to be nothing but faith. general faith. having fact in the creator and doing for the world and the next. >> so, all the painters do they think alike when it comes the philosophy and what not? >> i don't think that we can tell what they are thinking, but i think a lot of artists from, you know, having to put a lot of
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thought in to the work or maybe like we have a passion for something already, and like an interest and curiousity in general of life, and just thinkithin thinkinthin thinking they cans out when we -- thinking things out, i think it makes us think more deeply. >> is this a full time thing for y'all? >> it's a full time thing for he me. because once i'm done with my job in the daytime. i work as a therapist with kids with autism. i have been doing it for 17 years, it's right after i'm done, i go to my studio and work until 1:00 or 3:00 in the morning. so it's a constant thing. when i get off work, i again my work. it's a constant, you know committed to what you love. most people look at artists and say, they are emotional.
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i want to clarify that, we are part of everything as well and we have a job and that is to reach as many people as we can with the gifts that we have been given. and we are a voice. so, i just realized not too long ago that you know, we are like -- we are a link to an ancient chain, so our job is to create, speak out, and let people sew what our images are and respect their opinions as well. that is what it's all about. it's not about judging somebody or -- it's about expressing yourself and letting people also express their opinions. that is it. >> i'm sure you spoke with the lady from the museum, will could be a partnership? >> there could be. >> i mean, this is one of the exhibitions i guess, where the folks can come and like you said, it's up to the imagination, to think of what they are seeing and kind of describing it among themselves.
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what you do you want them? same question. what do you want them to go home with at the end of the visit? >> i hope that after looking at all the work and exhibition by all ten art ifrts and also reading the descriptions, most artists, provided a small description of their piece. of the starting point to interpret the work. and i hope that after seeing the exhibition and my work especially what i tried to do is give people a -- like an a alternate viewpoint of things so, if they wanted to think -- or take the opinions or things that i may propose through my art work, that they can come away considering new ideas. that it will help them like develop themselves. you know, develop their own thoughts and opinions about life and their direction. >> deep, getting deep here. it's called "imagine," for
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information there's the web address and log on and it's -- well, miguel, thank you so much, for your art work and we will you guys. now, here is what is happening in your "communidad del valle."
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>> and our salute. and here is our web address for next week. follow me on twitter and pick up a copy of our newspaper, and support your bilingual weekly. thank you for sharing your sunday with us, be sure to tune us in. every sunday at 5:30. we will see you again next week.
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